Government Medical College,Wanaparthyis a medical school pledging for graduate program with the purpose of educating medical students in the undifferentiated field of medicine at Marikunta,Wanaparthy District.The proposed intake of students in the college is 150 students per year for MBBS Undergraduate Degree. The proposed college is built in 50 acres. The college is affiliated to the Kaloji Narayana Rao University of Health Sciences, Warangal, Telangana State.


  1. To nurture a diverse, inclusive community dedicated to alleviating suffering and improving health and well-being
  2. Promote research and development and shape the students by honing their innate skills
  3. To nurture students who are committed to serving, guided by professional ethics and compassion


The vision reflects our dedication to be at the forefront of providing quality education that enriches lives and eventually shapes the future of health of our nation.


  • Excellence in the fields of health care education and Research
  • Upholding respect for life and serving the health needs of medically underserved areas of our country and our medically underprivileged
  • Endeavouring towards promoting holistic health
  • Acquiring an exemplary endurance to principles and moral values so as to be witness to a life of honesty and integrity.


WanaparthySamsthanam or Raja of Wanaparthy was a vassal of the Nizam of Hyderabad. He controlled the feudatory of Wanaparthy. It was one of the three important samsthanams, the other two being GadwalSamsthanam and JatproleSamsthanam.

Raja Rameshwar Rao reigned from 17 March 1843, the title of “Balwant” was conferred on the Raja as a mark of honour by 3rd Nizam Sikander Jah. To build an armed force, Raja imported Siddis from Somalia and Abyssinia and organized them into 2 regiments African Bodyguard and Wanaparthy Lancers.


Raja Rameshwar Rao left behind a grand legacy of structures constructed during his reign. 1885 constructed Wanaparthy Palace, Sarala Sagar Project is the second biggest dam in Asia with siphon technology. It is the oldest project in India after independence Raja of Wanaparthy Raja Rameshwara Rao founded by the Sarala Sagar Dam Project that has incorporated siphon technology from California, United States.


Name Designation contact details
SmtShaik Yasmeen Basha, I.A.S District Collector & Magistrate. 9100904739
Sri. Ashish Sangwan, I.A.S Additional Collector (Local Bodies) 9100904723
Sri J.RanjanRatan Kumar(I/C) District Superintendent of Police 8332881100
Sri.Md.Shakir Hussain Additional Superintendent of Police 8332880011


Wanaparthy district is developing as educational hub.There are reputed schools, colleges and engineering college affiliated to JNTU  has been sanctioned


Wanaparthy is located at a distance of 155km from Hyderabad of Telangana, 73 km from Kurnool of Andhra Pradesh and 97km from Raichur of Karnataka.


Wanaparthy is connected to major cities and towns by means of road and railways. National and state highways that pass through the city are NH 44, State highway 20 and 23.
Reach to Wanaparthy from Hyderabad by train:You can reach Wanaparthy from Secunderabad/Kacheguda. Kacheguda to Wanaparthy train takes approximately 3 Hours. Shortest Distance: 160 km By Train

Reach Wanaparthy from Hyderabad by Car/Bus:

There are many direct buses from Hyderabad to Wanaparthy.The buses are Telangana State Road Transport Buses. The minimum time a bus takes to reach Wanaparthy from Hyderabad is 3h 30m. The fastest way to reach Wanaparthy from Hyderabad takes you 3h, which is to take a taxi from Hyderabad to Wanaparthy.



  1. Hyderabad to Wanaparthy

Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (Hyderabad airport) is the nearest airport (around 120 KM) from the city. From here, you can hire private cab or taxi to reach at Wanaparthy.

  1. Kurnool AIRPORT(UNR) to Wanaparthy – 108 kms



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